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CORRECT:     " I can meet Monday from 2-6 pm or Wed from 9 am-2 pm"
NOTE: There is a $5 charge for weekend, evening, and holiday showings, which will be applied to your application fee should you decide to rent.  If you are coming from out of town and stay at one of our Furnished Nightly Rentals instead of a motel, the $5 charge is waived.
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UNFURNISHED  RENTALS (appliances included)
         3 Bedrooms       
2 bath house(3 mi from UNC/Duke) map  $1295           not available 
2 bath house(6 mi from UNC)      map  $1095            not available
3 bath townhome (near busline)   map  $1725            not available
2.5 bath home (2 car garage)     map  $1895           not available 
         2 Bedrooms
University Gardens condos        map  starting at $720 available
Brookside condos                 map  $ 750            available late Dec 
Woodglen condos                  map  $ 1050            not available
         1 Bedroom
University Gardens condos        map  starting at $670 available
Brookside condos                 map  $ 700            available late Dec 
Duplex (6 miles from UNC)        map  $ 550        not available 

        2 Bedrooms
Hillside condos                  map   miscellaneous available (short or long term)
Brookside condos                 map   $ 995         not available

          1 Bedroom
Hillside condos                  map   $1095-1395    not available
Brookside condos                 map   $ 895         not available
Rooms for rent                        $ misc.        (not available at this time)
Roommate wanted                       $ 375           (not available at this time)
We will be emailing you directions on where to meet.  Please indicate how you will be arriving at your appointment.
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READ CAREFULLY:   After viewing the property(s), if you decide to rent one, you will need to put down a $45 application fee per unrelated person, plus a one-month security deposit to hold it until moving in.  Do you have the funds in your possession at this time?  If not, please do NOT submit this request  because that will be wasting your time. The apartments that are available today may no longer be available when you have the funds.