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About Chapel Hill Rentals

Thank you for visiting our website.   We are the #1 rental agency providing short term and long term housing that is within close proximity of the University of North Carolina campus. 

Most people who live in Chapel Hill are associated with the UNC, and most of our properties are within walking distance of the campus.

This is highly advantageous since parking on campus is very expensive and often impossible to obtain. Many properties advertise that they are on a bus line, but be aware that bus schedules can be erratic and greatly reduced during non-peak hours and the summer, and are often non-existent on weekends.

If you rent from us, you will usually find us available 24 hours/day, and very responsive to your maintenance needs and requests. If you need something -- you call me directly!  You don't have to work through an impersonal real estate company which may deal with hundreds of other properties.

I know each of my tenants personally, and it is my goal to provide you well-maintained housing at a very affordable price.

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Eric Plow, owner