Different people have different definitions of what constitutes an emergency.  The best definition of a maintenance emergency is something that can no longer await a return call or email, and which can cause damage to the premises, your health, your safety, your personal property, or will run up your water bill significantly if not handled immediately. Please read this entire page carefully before proceeding to obtain the quickest service.  

First step:

a) You have made a reasonable effort to contact me, and
b) You have a genuine maintenance emergency that can no longer await my response.

If you proceed without first making a reasonable effort to contact me depending on the nature of the situation, you will be responsible for the cost of the service call.

If you lock yourself out you will need to call a locksmith at your expense if I am unavailable.  Keep in mind that breaking a window to get in will cost much more than a locksmith.

If you have a water leak, you can temporarily shut off the water using the cutoff valves below toilets and sinks.  If you are at Chapel Hill InnTown apartments, you can shut off water to the entire apartment using the spigot under your kitchen sink for units 2 through 7  Turn it clockwise until it stops.   For unit 1, it is outside in the ground underneath the window next to the office door inside a black plastic box.

For electrical problems, first check your circuit breakers before doing anything else.  They are usually located behind your apartment outside in the back.  To reset a breaker, you have to flip it all the way off before flipping it back on.

If you reside at Chapel Hill Inntown and if you have heating, air conditioning, or hot water problems, call 919-730-7149 or 919-883-8922,

For all other issues text or call Marvin at 407-949-4085.

If you cannot contact me or the individuals above, you may call an outside repair company.  You will be reimbursed provided it is a genuine emergency that cannot await my response and/or a response from the individuals mentioned above.    Furthermore, if you call more than one person, you are responsible for ensuring that only one person responds to the emergency.  You would be responsible for the cost of multiple service calls for the same situation.   For example, suppose you leave messages for several repairmen.  One person calls back and promises to come at 4 pm. Later a 2nd person calls back and says he can come by at noon.  Before accepting the 2nd service call, you need to make sure that you can cancel the first service call that you had already arranged.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.