Chapel Hill Rentals
Locally Owned and Operated Apartments and Condominiums

STEP 1: Click here if you have not yet seen the property and want to set up a viewing appointment

STEP 2: If you are applying for a specific apartment that is available on the date you desire occupancy, you can skip this step.  If you are applying to get on our waiting list for an apartment this will become available at a future date please click here for more information about how our waiting list works.

STEP 3: Be aware that after you complete your application, you will be prompted to pay a $45 application fee.  Each tenant must fill out their own application, except for children.  Married couples need only pay one application fee.  Instructions will be given on how to pay this. Your application will not be processed until the application fee is paid, so please do not fill out the application until you are ready to pay the application fee.

STEP 3: Now click here to fill out your application.

Contact us by email with any specific questions you have, and please state exactly which property(s) are of interest to you.  If the "Contact us by email" link does not work, send inquires to
To avoid phone tag, email is the most efficient way to reach us.