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Please complete one application for each tenant to be on the lease except for children.   
  Current Address
  City, State, Zip
  Phone Numbers
  Email address
   Date of Birth
 List other individuals who are making an application with you and your relationship with them.
List any other individuals who are not on the lease and may be residing in the apartment for more than 48 consecutive hours, and your relationship with them (child, aging parent, etc.)
Describe fully any pets you have or plan to have (type, size, weight, age, and whether spayed or neutered).  If none, state "none"
State rental unit you desire and # of bedrooms
Do you want to install your own washer/dryer?
   How do you plan to support yourself and to pay your rent?
If you are relying on financial support from a parent or other individual, list complete contact information and relationship of such individuals
CURRENT EMPLOYER: List complete contact information (name, phone number, email, etc.)
FUTURE EMPLOYER: If you will be obtaining new employment or switching jobs when you move, list complete future employer contact information (name, phone number, email, etc.), what type of work you will be doing, and your anticipated monthly salary.  If you don't have a job lined up yet, state "Looking for a job" and what type of work you are looking for.
CURRENT LANDLORD: List complete contact information (name, phone number, email, etc.)
What type of work do you do?
Approximate monthly income
Movein date for current address
Amount of monthly rent I paid
Reason for moving
PRIOR LANDLORD: List complete contact information (name, phone number, email, etc.)
Prior Address
Movein date for prior address
Amount of monthly rent I paid
Reason for moving
State amount of security deposit and how much you got back.  If you did not get entire security deposit back, state reason(s).
Have you ever been involved in any eviction proceeding, been asked to vacate your leased premises, been denied lease renewal, broken a lease contract, or been sued?   If yes, provide details. If none of these, write "none".
List below any misdemeanors or felonies (other than simple moving traffic violations) for which you have been convicted within the past 5 years, or are currently awaiting trial resolution.    Conviction of such offenses will not necessarily prevent this application from being approved, but failure to list any such offenses will be sufficient grounds for eviction at any time. If none, write "none"
Do you understand that no pets are allowed unless specified in Lease Agreement, and that no smoking is allowed inside the rental unit?
Do you understand that security deposit may not be used towards rent, and will only be returned to you if lease period and terms are fulfilled and unit is left in good clean condition? 
Do you understand that you may not sublet or accept roommates without express permission in writing? 
Do you understand that failure to abide by the lease obligations will result in damage to your credit rating for a minimum of seven years, which will make it extremely difficult to obtain future rentals, car loans, other loans, and home mortgages?
I agree that typing my name below has the same legal effect as my signature, and by submitting this Rental Application, I declare that all my responses are true and complete, and that I authorize Eric Plow and/or his Agent(s) to verify this information by conducting a credit check and/or contacting references, employers, and landlords. I understand that application fees are not refundable if (a) application is denied, or (b) if my is approved but property is rented by someone else before you sign a lease and make a security deposit. I agree that any information entered on this application may be supplied to collection agencies and/or other third-party agencies in the event of default on my lease. I further agree that in order to collect any amounts that I may owe, Lessor or his duly authorized Agent may contact me at any telephone number, or physical or electronic address that I provide or at which I can be reached, including any wireless telephone number. I agree that I may be contacted in any way, including calls or prerecorded or artificial voice or text messages delivered by an automatic telephone dialing system, or email messages delivered by an automatic emailing system.  I expressly acknowledge that this consent cannot be revoked without prior written agreement and acceptance by Lessor or his Agent.

I further understand and agree that this application becomes incorporated into any lease that I may sign, and that any omission, false statement or misrepresentation, whether discovered now or at any time in the future, will be grounds for termination of such lease by the Lessor at any time, either at the time of discovery or at a later date.  Finally, I understand and agree that details about my tenancy will be furnished to future landlords requesting a reference check on me.
Do you understand that if the lease consists of more than one person, each person is jointly AND severally (individually) liable for the rent and all other terms of the lease?  Do you further understand that if one Lessee moves or defaults, the other(s) can be held totally responsible for the rent and terms of the lease?
Typed Signature.  Please read above carefully before typing in your signature.
What range of date(s) are willing to accept a unit for movein?  (E.g. July 15-August 15).  Also indicate if you want less than a 1 year lease.
Check items of interest if you are applying for University Gardens:

Garden style:
List two individuals as emergency contacts.   List name, relationship, phone #, address, and email address if known.
Townhouse style:

If student, state full or part time, degree program, and expected year of graduation
Approximate # of hours/week
   Soc Sec #