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If you are making an early application for occupancy in the spring or summer, I often don't know what units are becoming available until March or later.  I have lots of turnover during the spring and summer, so if you apply early, chances are excellent that you will obtain the unit of your choice.   You should feel free to contact me at any time to receive an update on your particular application.  However, in order to provide fairness to everyone, here is the process that I have developed over the years that seems to work well.

When you fill out your application, please put in the widest possible date range for which you would be willing to accept occupancy.    You can clearly see that someone who would accept a unit between July 15 and August 15 would be offered more choices than someone who will only accept a unit between August 1 and August 5.

Once a unit becomes available, I go down the waiting list.  If the unit meets the requirements of the application, I offer it to that applicant.   Applicant has 48 hours to make a decision.  If you therefore plan to be on vacation or otherwise unreachable, you may want to designate someone else to accept notification and make the decision on your behalf.   The decision can be as follows:

(a) Turn down the unit and wait for the next unit that becomes available. (This will be the default decision if we do not hear from you within 48 hours).
(b) Accept the unit.
(c) Accept the unit, but remain on the waiting list for something else (different style, occupancy date, etc.)
(d) Turn down the unit and take your name off the waiting list.

Here are the ramifications of each decision above:

(a) You do NOT lose your position on the waiting list.  For example, if you were #1 on the waiting list, you would be the first person contacted for the next apartment.

(b) You would pay a security deposit and sign a lease to accept the unit.  The unit is yours, but you don't begin paying rent until the lease starting date.

(c) The same as (b) above.  However, if another unit comes open that better suits your needs, you can switch to that unit (prior to movein of course) at NO PENALTY. The probability of another unit opening up that better meets your needs is dependent on the time of year.  If this occurs early in the year, the chances of other units opening up is high. If this occurs closer to the time of your occupancy, the chances of other units opening up is lower. You should always be prepared to accept the unit you signed up for in the event that another unit doesn't become available.

(d) If you continue to look elsewhere and find another apartment that suits your needs before we offer you an apartment, notify us immediately and your application fee(s) are fully refundable.  Once we offer you a unit, you are under no obligation to accept it, but at that point your application fee(s) are non-refundable.

One final note: you will start paying rent when your lease starts, not when you sign the lease.  Therefore, when filling out your application, please only put down the range of dates for which you are willing to accept a unit and start paying rent.

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