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Directions to University Gardens

If you are coming from the UNC campus:

Starting at the intersection of Franklin & Columbia (the main intersection in downtown Chapel Hill), head north on N. Columbia Street.   Cross Rosemary St.  As you start down the hill, you'll see a fire station directly ahead of you.  Here is the only tricky part!   The main 5-lane road you are on (N. Columbia) forks right at the fire station and changes names to Martin Luther King Boulevard.  However, do not take the right fork, but rather take the left fork at the fire station.   This continues to be North Columbia Street, but it becomes a 2-lane road at this point.  Stay on North Columbia for a few blocks, passing Isley and Stinson Streets.   When you come to Longview, you'll go a couple of different ways depending on which building you are going to.

For A/B/C buildings:  Cross Longview St., and you will immediately go around a very sharp curve to the right.  After going around the curve, look for a sign on the left for the  A/B/C buildings.  The first building you come to will be the A building.

For D/E/F/G/H buildings: Turn left on Longview before going around the sharp curve.  Take the next right at the dead-end, which is Pritchard Avenue Extension. The D/E/F building sign is on your right about half way down the hill, the G/H building sign is on your left almost at the bottom of the hill (near the pool).

If you are coming from the North side of town (Hillsborough/I-40):

If you are coming on I-40, take exit 266.   Follow Highway 86 South towards Chapel Hill.  You'll pass several major intersections: Weaver Dairy Road, Homestead Drive, and Estes Drive.   After crossing Estes Drive, you'll go down a long steep hill.  Turn right at the traffic light at the bottom of the hill onto Umstead Drive.  Go to the 2nd stop sign.  Turn left.   Cross a small bridge.  You'll immediately see a large "University Gardens" sign on your right.   (The pool is located behind the sign.)  The G/H buildings are at your 1st right.   D/E/F buildings are the first left as you go up the steep hill, and the A/B/C buildings are the second left as you go up the steep hill.

If you are coming from Carrboro:

Take North Greensboro St.  Turn right on Estes Drive.  After crossing the railroad tracks, turn right onto Umstead Dr.   Go to 2nd stop sign.  Turn right.   G/H buildings are at your first right, D/E/F buildings are at your first left, and A/B/C buildings are at your second left.

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